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Zygote Human Factors
Zygote Human Factors

A Unique Plugin for SolidWorks™ Making Precise Articulation and Scaling of Human Figures Possible

Zygote Human Factors - Copyright © 2011 Zygote Media Group, Inc.

Zygote Human Factors is a software plugin for SolidWorks™ that enables users to use anthropometrically accurate solid 3D male and female models within their SolidWorks™ assemblies to visualize and evaluate their products' ergonomic features and interaction with the human body. The figures interactively scale from 5th to 95th percentile and are completely poseable.

  • Import Figures Directly into SolidWorks™ Assemblies
  • Scale Figures from 5th to 95th Percentile
  • Anthropometrically Accurate Solid 3D Humans
  • Pose Figures within SolidWorks™ Environments
  • Full Range of Motion with Interface Handles
  • Sliders for Precise Joint Manipulation
  • Populate Environments and Create Renders
  • Save and Reuse Gestures and Poses

Available Format: SolidWorks 2009+

License Fee: $950 (Optional Support Fee: $200/yr)

If you would like to license a copy of the Zygote Human Factors plugin for SolidWorks please call us at 801-765-4141 or contact us via the Contact Page.