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Customer Highlight – XVIVO


Video 1 - XVIVO

We are proud to introduce XVIVO and highlight them as one of Zygote’s impressive customers.

XVIVO Scientific Animation creates accurate and precise 3D animations for pharmaceutical, biotech companies, medical device firms, advertising agencies, educational organizations, museums, and broadcast. XVIVO can help at all levels of production, including developing entire projects from "script to screen," handling any or all aspects of the production from scriptwriting, storyboard development, animatics, animation, programming, voiceover, custom music and sound effects, editing and delivery to final master. At XVIVO, scientific animation is all they do, and they do it very well indeed.

"Zygote has for a long time been a valuable partner in XVIVO's quest to deliver accurate scientific and medical animations to our clients. Whether we are using existing models from Zygote's library, seeking anatomical tweaks on models we already use or commissioning new objects, XVIVO can always count on Zygote to deliver. Working with Zygote is a pleasure."

Michael Astrachan
Creative Director / Partner
XVIVO Scientific Animation


To learn more about XVIVO, visit their website by CLICKING HERE.


Video 2 - XVIVO


Video 3 - XVIVO


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