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Ghost Productions

January 2009 Client Highlight

Customer Bio:

Ghost has remained successful largely due to our ability to help our clients increase their marketing and communication assets. The majority of our gross sales come from return customers who continue to view and receive tangible results. When we present a proposal, we are doing our best to provide creative and cost saving solutions that make you more successful. Because in the long run, we are really in this together. We view every project as an investment in our clients as well as our future.

Customer Quote:

“One of the main reasons we (Ghost) upgraded was to take advantage of the improved texturing and increased accuracy of the bony anatomy. Historically, we've spent a goodly amount of time trying to massage previous versions into shaders and geometry tweaks that stood up to the scrutiny of a close-up shot. With version 5 of the male and female anatomy collections, all I did was light it. No screwing around. Just animate, light and render... Honestly? The surgical procedure portions were the easiest part of this production.”

  • Laura Schulz
  • Project Manager
  • ghOst Productions, Inc.

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Photos, videos, quotes, and text were provided by Ghost Productions