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3d Skeleton
- 3d Models of the male, female and infant skeleton.

The skeletal system is comprised of the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton includes the skull, ossicles, hyoid bone, vertebral column and chest. The appendicular skeleton includes the shoulder girdle, arms, hands, pelvic girdle, legs and feet.

The number of bones in an adult skeleton and an infant skeleton differ substantially. An infant skeleton is made up of some 300 bones while an average adult skeleton will have 206 bones. This means that nearly one-third of the bones in our human body will bond together during the period between infancy and adulthood.

3d skeleton models are digital recreations of the human skeletal system. Not all skeletons are the same since male skeletons, female skeletons and infant skeletons differ in size and bone count, so it is necessary to reflect those differences in a good 3d skeleton model. These models are built from Cat Scan and MRI data taken from a male, female and child so that they would be anatomically correct.

Uses of skeletal models include hospitals, research laboratories, bio-engineering companies and educational institutions. The skeleton model developed for working in 3d rendering programs such as Maya, Cinema 4D and 3D Studio Max is a little different than the models developed for SolidWorks, Pro E and other CAD programs. The rendering models use a polygonal mesh whereas the CAD models use NURBS. While polygon models give you great rendering ability, the NURBS models allow for high-precision engineering and measurements.
3D Skeleton Models