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3d Heart Animation (Anterior Cut)
- 3d animation from an anterior cut 3d model of the human heart.

This heart animation cycles through the beat of a human heart from an anterior cut section. It is interesting to note the opening and closing of the valves and their respective timing. This is an excellent view that helps to show what happens inside a heart when it is pumping blood. Although not perfect, this animation does a great job of demonstrating the basic human heart beat.

This heart animation was created from a 3d heart model, with an anterior cut. It is difficult to create a very precise 3d model of the heart because the heart never stops moving when you take a CAT Scan or a MRI. Even so, Zygote Media Group dedicated an enourmous amount of time and effort in developing the 3d heart model, building it according to the best data available and with access to cadaver labs for the beautiful texture maps.

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