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3d Male Animation
- 3d male human anatomy animation.

This animation of the male human anatomy rotates through a 360 degree view of several systems of the human anatomy.

The first rotation shows the integumentary system. This includes the hair, nails and skin of the male human body.

The second rotation shows the muscular system. This includes all of the major muscules of the male human anatomy along with connective tendons and ligaments.

The third rotation shows the internal organs and skeleton, including the digestive system, respiratory system and the skeletal system.

The fourth rotation shows the cardiovascular system and skeletal system, with the heart shown just behind the sternum.

The fifth rotation shows the cardiovascular system and the nervous sytem. This includes the heart, brain, arteries, veins and nerves that go throughout the body.

Not included in this animation are several other systems of the human body such as the lymphatic system, reproductive system, endocrine system and urinary system.

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