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3D Science Free Clip Art

The product images located in the .Images. section can be used as clip art. You can also access the clip art through the link provided below. To use the clip art simply supply a link underneath the image to our site in the following fashion: Courtesy of 3DScience.com.

Here are the terms of usage:

  • You can use these images on a commercial website as long as you supply a courtesy link to 3DScience.com.
  • You can use these for any presentation. Just leave the logo watermarks on the image.
  • You can use these in any non-commercial educational handout or manual. We enthusiasticly support educators around the world.
  • You cannot use these images for commercial print or software applications.

If you have a question or comment, please let us know through our online contact form.

 » CLICK HERE for a selection of 3DScience.com Free Science and Medical Clip Art Images.

Polygonal Models

Our 3D Models save animators and illustrators time and expense, and provide the greatest level of medical accuracy and detail available.
» See models

Solid Models

Our Solid 3D anatomy models provide accurate and detailed data that engineers can rely upon to design medical devices that interface with the human body. » See models

Virtual Reality Models

Our 3D anatomy collection is specially designed to be used in software. Now, fully interactive anatomy models can be used making 3D learning a reality in medical applications. » See models

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