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Solid Muscular System
Solid 3D Muscular Skeletal Connective Model Collection

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Price: $8,499

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The Solid 3D Muscular Skeletal Connective Model Collection focuses on the most requested combination of Zygote Solid 3D Anatomy Systems. These most popular systems combined are a tremendous amount of anatomical data bundled at a price point that offers high value.

Solid 3D Male Body Model

The Solid 3D Male Body Model is perfect for CAD animations, renderings, simulations, or product design projects that involve using a highly detailed 50th percentile 3D CAD human figure. All other Solid anatomical models available from Zygote are proportional to and fit within the Solid Male Body Model.

The Zygote Solid 3D Male Body Model was created to provide an anatomically accurate human model for engineers and animators using CAD software. This figure was created from CT scans of human specimens who anthropometrically measure within 50th percentile standards in height and weight. The Solid 3d Male Body Model enables designers to create virtual prototypes that fit true human forms; such as shoes, head gear or work environment. The figure is also useful for designing orthopedics to interface with human body forms. Creating professional-quality human-based renderings that can be used in corporate presentations or for marketing material is yet another application of this versatile data.

Price: $499

Solid 3D Skeleton Model

The Zygote Solid Skeleton model sets a new benchmark for solid human anatomy. It is perfect for orthopedic design, animation, marketing renders, or finite element analysis. It was developed from CT scans of a 50th percentile male, and was carefully modeled to retain subtle anatomical nuances unique to specific bones. The skeleton is a solid assembly of individual bones, intervertebral discs, and teeth, making selection and manipulation of individual components simple and straightforward.

The Zygote Solid Skeleton model has a high level of geometric detail while efficiently maintaining anatomical fidelity throughout the model. An example of the great improvements in this version of the solid skeleton is the skull; which includes all major foramina, an accurate interior to the cranium, and each sinus cavity.

Price: $5,000

Solid Skeleton Component Products
  • Solid Skeleton Spine Model - $ 3,200
  • Solid Skeleton Skull Model - $ 1,800
  • Solid Skeleton Limbs - $ 1,800

Solid 3D Muscles Model

The Zygote Solid 3D Muscles Model was created by medical modelers using anatomical atlases and CT and MRI templates to fit hand-constructed 3D geometries within a CT-based body model and to a digitized skeleton. This assembly includes all major skeletal muscles in the human body. It is perfect for simulations, marketing displays, imagery, and animations. Each solid muscle is individually grouped for easy selection, isolation, editing or visualization of any single muscle or group of muscles within your CAD assembly, making illustrating, simulating, or studying the action of individual muscles or muscle groups a snap.

Price: $5,000

Solid 3D Connective Tissue Model

The Zygote Solid 3D Connective Tissue Model illustrates cartilage, bursae, joint capsules, and ligaments that collectively secure joints of the human body. This product can be used for illustration and animation, as well as in simulations involving joint dynamics. Perfect for studying joint loading and stress simulations, this product is a must-include element for finite element analysis involving kinesthetic studies of the human body.

Connective Tissues Included for the Following Joints:

  • Subdeltoid bursa
  • Trapezoid ligament
  • Transverse ligament
  • Supraacromial bursa
  • Superior transverse scapular ligament
  • Subscapular bursa
  • Intertubercular synovial sheath
  • Inferior coracoid bursa
  • Inferior spin bursa
  • Glenoid labrum
  • Coracoclavicular bursa
  • Coracohumeral ligament
  • Coracoacromial ligament
  • Conoid ligament
  • Capsular ligamet
  • Acromialclavicular ligament
  • Articular capsule
  • Olecranon bursa
  • Annular ligament
  • Anterior radiocollateral ligament
  • Oblique bandetral ligament
  • Oblique cord
  • Posterior radiocollateral ligament
  • Ulnar collateral ligament anterior
  • Ulnar collateral ligament posterior
  • Articular disc
  • Capitohamate ligament
  • Capitotrapezial ligament
  • Thumb capsule
  • Carpometacarpal ligament
  • Collateral ligaments of the fingers
  • Dorsal radiocarpal ligament
  • Dorsal radioulnar ligament 1
  • Dorsal radioulnar ligament 2
  • Dorsal carpometacarpal ligament 1-10
  • Dorsal intercarpal ligaments
  • Interosseous intercarpal ligaments
  • Med pisotriquetral ligament
  • Palmar carpometacarpal ligaments
  • Palmar ulnocarpal ligament
  • Palmarmetacarpal ligaments
  • Pisohamate ligament
  • Pisometacarpal ligament
  • Radial collateralcarpal ligament
  • Radialarcuate ligament
  • Radiolunate ligament
  • Radioscaphocapitate ligament
  • Retinaculum
  • Scaphotrapezial ligaments
  • Trapeziometacarpal ligament
  • Ulnararcuate ligament
  • Ulnaocarpal ligament
  • Volar radioulnar ligament
Hip Ligaments
  • Inguinal ligament
  • acetabular labrum
  • iliofemoral ligament
  • ischiofemoral ligament
  • pubofemoral ligament
  • round ligament
  • transverse acetabular ligament
  • zona obicularis ligament
Hip Ligaments 2
  • Iliolumbar ligament
  • Obturator membrane
  • Lateral Sacroccygeal ligament
  • Anterior Sacroccygeal ligament
  • Sacrospinous ligament
  • Sacroiliac ligament
  • Sacrotuberous ligament
Knee Ligaments
  • anterior cruciate
  • fibular collateral
  • lateral meniscus
  • medial meniscus
  • posterior cruciate
  • tibial collateral
  • transverse
  • medial patellar ligament
  • lateral patellar ligament
  • arcuate popliteal ligament
  • fibular ligament
Knee 2
  • Knee joint capsule
  • Oblique popliteal ligament
  • Patellar ligament
  • Knee bursae
Foot Ligaments
  • anterior talofibular
  • anterior tibiofibular
  • anterior tibiotalar
  • anticular capsule 1
  • anticular capsule 2
  • anticular capsule 3
  • anticular capsule 4
  • anticular capsule 5
  • anticular capsule 6
  • anticular capsule 7
  • anticular capsule 8
  • anticular capsule 9
  • anticular capsule 10
  • anticular capsule 11
  • anticular capsule 12
  • anticular capsule 13
  • anticular capsule 14
  • bifurcate
  • deep transverse metatarsal 1
  • deep transverse metatarsal 2
  • deep transverse metatarsal 3
  • deep transverse metatarsal 4
  • dorsal calcaneocuboid
  • dorsal cuboideavicular
  • dorsal cuneocuboid
  • dorsal cuneonavicular 1
  • dorsal cuneonavicular 2
  • dorsal cuneonavicular 3
  • dorsal cuneonavicular 4
  • dorsal intercuneiform 1
  • dorsal intercuneiform 2
  • dorsal metatarsal 1
  • dorsal metatarsal 2
  • dorsal metatarsal 3
  • dorsal talonavicular
  • dorsal tarsometatarsal 1
  • dorsal tarsometatarsal 2
  • dorsal tarsometatarsal 3
  • dorsal tarsometatarsal 4
  • dorsal tarsometatarsal 5
  • lateral talocalcaneal
  • long plantar
  • medial talocalcaneal
  • plantar calcaneonavicular
  • plantar ligament plate 1
  • plantar ligament plate 2
  • plantar ligament plate 3
  • plantar ligament plate 4
  • plantar ligament plate 5
  • plantar metatarsal 1
  • plantar metatarsal 2
  • plantar metatarsal 3
  • plantar metatarsal 4
  • posterior talocalcaneal
  • posterior tibiofibular
  • posterior tibiotalar
  • superior peronel retinaculum
  • tibeonavicular
  • tibiocalcaneal
Price: $600

Previous reviews of The Zygote Solid Skeleton 3D Model.

"I have used several Zygote anatomic models in the creation of orthopaedic products. These models havebecome the basis for creation of complex geometric parts within SolidWorks. Animations that were once outof reach, because of budget, can now be done. These animations demonstrate new concepts, significantlyreducing development cycle time. The models pay for themselves so quickly. Marketing people and surgeonsI work with are unanimous in their appreciation of how much they help in the creation and selling of ourimplants and instruments."

John Pepper
Creative Orthopaedics

"The surface accuracy allows visualization of key ligament and tendon attachment morphology, joint surface morphology, and fit all types of orthopaedic implants and tools to the bones. I also use the Zygote Solid Skeleton for visu-alization of dynamic biomech reconstructions (injury and impact biomechanics)..

Mari S. Truman P.E.