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Solid 3D Male Model
Solid 3D Male Body Model

Price: $499

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The Zygote Solid 3D Male Body Model is perfect for CAD animations, renderings, simulations, or product design projects that involve using a highly detailed 50th percentile 3D CAD human figure. All other Solid anatomical models available from Zygote are proportional to and fit within the Solid Male Body Model.

The Zygote Solid 3D Male Body Model was created to provide an anatomically accurate human model for engineers and animators using CAD software. This figure was created from CT scans of human specimens who anthropometrically measure within 50th percentile standards in height and weight. The Solid 3d Male Body Model enables designers to create virtual prototypes that fit true human forms; such as shoes, head gear or work environment. The figure is also useful for designing orthopedics to interface with human body forms. Creating professional-quality human-based renderings that can be used in corporate presentations or for marketing material is yet another application of this versatile data.

The Solid 3D Male Body Model is available as a para-solid object and/or can be delivered in a format native to most major solid modeling software programs.

Zygote is committed to serving engineers, designers and animators by providing the industry’s leading solid human and biomedical models. While we are currently developing other collections of solid models to be licensed generally, we also provide custom modeling services to individuals or companies needing unique or urgent data.

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