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Solid 3D Brain Model

The Zygote Solid 3D Brain is a very highly detailed and accurate model of a human brain. Created from medical scan data, the cerebral geometry accurately defines typical cerebral landmark sulci, gyri and ventricles. Also available are Solid 3D models detailing the volumes of the Arachnoid Membrane and the Dura Matter including the Falx Cerebri and Tentorum Cerebelli. The Meninges accurately accommodate the cerebral circulation (licensed separately) including the Superior Sagittal Sinus and the Transverse Sinus. The Trigeminal, Optic, and Nasal Nerves are all correctly represented from scan data; the other cranial nerves have been created using photographic and illustrative reference. The Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and Brain Stem are all one solid part. The Arachnoid Membrane and Dura Matter are each additional separate parts.

With detail perfect for either simulation, medical device design and testing, or for animation and generating display material or marketing material, the Solid 3D Brain is another beautifully organized, clean and efficient model from Zygote.

Solid 3D Brain Model

Assembly w/ Parts: Yes
Download Size: 25MB - 30MB
License Fee (Base): $3,500
Meninges: $595
Cerebral Circ.: $950

Formats available:

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Anatomy Included with a license of the Base Solid 3D Brain Model:

  • Detailed Cerebrum
  • Intricate Cerebellum
  • Accurate Brain Stem

Anatomical Definition

  • Central Sulcus
  • Superior Frontal Sulcus
  • Lateral Sulcus
  • Precentral Gyrus
  • Postcentral Gyrus
  • Superior Frontal Gyrus

Internal Anatomy

  • Ventricles & Cerebral Aquaducts

Anatomy Licensed Separately, NOT Included with the Base Solid 3D Brain Model:

  • Meninges - Dura (including Falx Cerebri & Tantorum Cerebelli) & Arachnoid Membrane
  • Cerebral Circulation - Arterial blood supply, and Venous blood vessels including the Superior Sagittal
  • Sinus and the Transverse Sinus