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Skin Cross Section 1
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3D Skin Cross-Section Model

Polygons: 159,000
UV Coordinates: Yes
Textures: 2048x2048
Grouping: Yes
Download Size: N/A
Price: $850

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The Skin cross-section here seen comes from a microscopic section of human skin, showing in a high level of detail and resolution the different layers of the skin with their relationships to each other. Cut-away areas of the model allow for easy identification of layers and how they interrelate.

Features of the sectioned skin here seen include:

- Epidermis (composed of the stratum corneum, the stratum granulosm, and the stratum spinosum)
- Dermis
- Subcutaneous tissue
- Eccrine sweat glands
- Arterial, venous, and nervous supply
- Hair (including shaft, inner and outer root sheaths, papillae, arrector pili muscles, and sebaceous glands)