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Zygote 3D Heart Model Vessels

Polygons: 25,737
UV Coordinates: no
Textures: no
Grouping: Yes
Download Size: N/A
Static Price: $760
Animated Price: $1,255

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The 3D Heart Coronary Vessels Model provides a wonderful appendage to our recently released 3D Heart model, accurately and clearly showing the three-dimensional endocardial circulation. Fitting together perfectly with the heart model, each major branch has been grouped for easy identification and isolation.

With the heart dedicated almost entirely to delivering blood to every tissue throughout the body, focus is often placed on its systemic functions and the associating peripheries of the circulatory system. An important aspect to this, however, is the maintaining of life of the tissues at the center of this system.the blood supply to the heart itself. Two main divisions separate the arterial flow into right and left coronary arteries, both originating from the aorta just above the aortic valve. This model has not only each arterial division grouped, but further separates sets as branching continues through the blood pathway. Similar grouping is also provided for the venous division of the coronary circulation.

The Animated Coronary Vessels move in perfect synchronization with the animated heart and are a perfect complement to the Animated Heart Model; together, the two products can be used to create stunning effects illustrating coronary circulation.

Please note: The 3D Heart model is sold separately from this model

Groups included in the 3D Heart Coronary Vessels Model:

Left coronary artery (LCA)
- Circumflex branch of left coronary artery
- Anterior interventricular branch
- Marginal branch

Branch to sinoatrial (SA) node

Right coronary artery (RCA)
- Marginal branch
- Acute marginal branch
- Posterior interventricular branch

Coronary sinus
- Sinus branches
- Great cardiac vein
- Small cardiac veins
- Anterior cardiac veins
- Posterior vein (left ventricle)
- Middle cardiac vein