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Female Lymphatic System
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3D Female Lymphatic System Model 5.0

Polygons: 194,950
UV Coordinates: no
Textures: no
Grouping: no
Download Size: N/A
Price: $350

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The 3D Lymphatic System Model has been created to provide an accurate representation of this anatomical system. It illustrates lymphatic pathways throughout the human body and placement of Lymph Vessels and Lymph Nodes in relation to other anatomical features and systems.

The Lymphatic System makes showing the interaction between the body's circulatory system and lymph system simple. The 3D Female Lymphatic System is compatible with all other Zygote 3D Female Anatomy Systems. This 3D model is a component of the Zygote 3D Female Anatomy Model Collection.

Lymphatic System 5.0 Upgrades

The Lymphatic System and it has been rebuilt to better suit animation. Each lymph node connects seamlessly with lymph ducts so that the entire model can be deformed without any separation between individual components of the system. Detailed nodes and vessels of the abdomen, thorax, pelvis, and neck in the Lymph System have been added. Anatomical features showing proper synchronization between the Lymphatic System and the Circulatory System are also included.

Detailed components of the Lymphatic System include:

  • Submandibular Nodes
  • Submental Lymph Nodes
  • Occipital Lymph Nodes
  • Cervical Nodes
  • Paratracheal Nodes
  • Superior Tracheobronchial Nodes
  • Inferior Tracheobronchial Nodes
  • Bronchomediastinal Lymph Trunk
  • Bronchopulmonary Nodes
  • Supraclavicular Nodes
  • Axillary Nodes
  • Posterior Mediastinal Nodes
  • Intercostal Nodes
  • Lumbar Nodes
  • Iliac Nodes
  • Inguinal Nodes
  • Cisterna Chyli
  • Thoracic Duct
  • Right Bronchomediastinal Trunk
  • Lymphatic Collecting Ducts of the Arm
  • Lymphatic Collecting Ducts of the Leg