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Human Brain System
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Human Brain 3D Model

Polygons: 65,000
UV Coordinates: yes
Textures: 2048x2048
Grouping: Yes
Download Size: 1MB - 43MB

Base Price: $900
Base Price with Textures: $1,200
Base Price with Sagittal Section
and Textures:

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The Zygote Brain Model is a detailed and accurate model of a human brain. Cerebral surfaces clearly illustrate typical cerebral landmark sulci and gyri perfect for high-end visualization and renderings. Internal brain anatomy has been created and grouped individually to allow animators to easily select and show deep structures such as Ventricles or the Fornix that are otherwise very difficult to visualize. The Human Brain model is another intricately detailed, beautifully organized, clean and efficient model from Zygote.

Features of the 3D Brain Model include:

External Brain Anatomy
Brain Stem
Meninges Dura, Arachnoid & Pia Mater

Cerebral Definition
Central Sulcus
Superior Frontal Sulcus
Lateral Sulcus
Precentral Gyrus
Postcentral Gyrus
Superior Frontal Gyrus

Internal Anatomy
Basal Ganglia (Caudate Nucleus, Putamen, Globus pallidus)
Fornix (Mamillary Bodies, Amygdaloid Bodies, Body of Fornix, Hippocampus)
Subthalamic Nucleus
Substantia Nigra
Ventricles & Cerebral Aquaducts
Removable Insula and Brain Stem

Optional features of the Nervous System sold separately include: high resolution Brain texture maps and a Midsagittal Section of the Brain.

The Midsagittal Section of the Brain is only available as an upgrade to this product.