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DNA with Phosphate 1
DNA with Phosphate 1 DNA with Phosphate 2 DNA with Phosphate 3 DNA with Phosphate 4 DNA with Phosphate 5 DNA with Phosphate 6
3D DNA Model with Phosphate Structure

Polygons: 134,402
UV Coordinates: no
Textures: no
Grouping: Yes
Download Size: 2.81MB
Price: $39.95

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This newly created 3D DNA model is of the highest quality on the market today and should be of interest to anyone in the biomedical field.

While dealing with the great deal of complexity in DNA structure, this model still maintains visual clarity while detailing the structure of the double helix.

Similar to previous models, this 3D model depicts the right-handed double helical nature of a DNA strand with its major and minor grooves, but goes further in detail by explicitly defining each base and its skeletal structure. Each adenine and guanine base is modeled to show how it bonds to its complementary thymine and cytosine, respectively. The skeletal structure of the phosphodiester backbones in this helix are also included with their bonds to the heterocyclic bases previously mentioned. Every base and phosphate group is individually grouped for easy isolation and identification.