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Kidney Labeled Diagram

The Human Kidney Diagram is a highly detailed representation identifying the major structures of kidney as seen in cross section. Rendered from our 3D model of the kidney with texture map, this diagram is available in various sizes, depending on the needs of the buyer.

The anatomy of the human kidney seen in cross section begins with hilum, or opening of the medial surface of the kidney, which serves as a portal for the ureter, the renal artery and the renal vein. This image also shows a sectioned view of the ureter at the renal pelvis to provide a view inside this structure. The surface of the sectioned kidney face properly illustrates the renal cortex, renal medulla (made up of striated renal pyramids), and their relation to the circulation within the kidney. The structures labeled in the kidney diagram include: the fibrous capsule; the cortex; interlobular, interlobar, arcuate and renal vessels; medullae (pyramids); major and minor calyces; the renal pelvis; the renal sinus; and the ureter.

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